Melody Molinaro

Certified SLS Vocal Technique Instructor

Skype Lessons Now Available!

V: 509-954-9964

BIO:  Melody  has been a professional musician, vocalist, and actress since she was 16 years old.  She began her career in musical theatre and graduated to film and television, starring in the independent hit "Down and Out with the Dolls."  Her rolls in theatrical productions include Ti Moune in Once on This Island, Rizzo in Grease and numerable others.   She has enjoyed a career as a professional vocalist performing in nightclubs, music festivals, casino's, and as an opening act for many national and touring performers.   As a teacher, Melody draws from her experiences on the road, in front of the camera, and in the studio.  She currently holds a Bachelor's of Music Degree from San Diego State University's Don Powell school of Music and Dance, and is a Certified SLS Vocal Technique Instructor.  (For more information on SLS, check out  She teaches all ages, from young children to seasoned adults.

       Learning how to sing is fun!!  It is also a lot of work. =)   My goal for each student in every lesson is that they EXPERIENCE something new and better when it comes to vocal technique, and that they EXPERIENCE what I like to call the "happy music feeling."  The perfect hybrid is when vocal technique is no longer an issue, and singing songs becomes effortless, joyful, and ripe for self expression and passion.  This does not happen overnight, but with practice, dedication, and a patient impatience that keeps the student striving for perfection while simultaneously enjoying the process.  

    I teach all ages and I don't require an audition like many other highly trained teachers.  I understand that you are coming to me to learn HOW to sing, and this is why I love beginners so much!  I have spent many years studying to become the best voice teacher I can because I find teaching others the joy of singing incredibly rewarding.  I understand the demands of a rigorous performance schedule, and I love the opportunity to help fine tune a working singer's vocal technique.   Whether you are a beginner, a professional, or somewhere in between, I can teach you to sing higher, stronger, and faster with more ease than you probably thought possible.  I look forward to working with you and your voice!

   SKYPE LESSONS:  Since I moved to Pennsylvania from San Diego, I have begun taking all of my lessons from Seth Riggs via Skype.  I also maintained almost my entire San Diego student base by teaching via Skype, and in addition starting accepting students from all over the country and the world.  I now have a very busy studio with an over 70% Skype student base due to the high demand for SLS technique and a balanced approach to singing instruction.   
     My youngest Skype student is 4 years old, and I recently held my first Skype Student integrated recital where online students performed live on a big screen from the comfort of their own homes!  I'm constantly thinking of new ways to engage students from all corners of the world, create an online studio community, and offer performance and learning opportunities.  Skype lessons are a great option for those without access to SLS instructors or those who have tight schedules and prefer not to battle traffic on the way to the voice studio.